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Friday 18 October 2019 | The Brewery, London

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Value of Inclusivity to the bottom line


Robert Herd, Head of UK Communications for Jaguar Land Rover speaks passionately about the importance of inclusivity to the bottom line for an organisation. He shares his thoughts and views on this issue and what Jaguar Land Rover are doing in this arena.

Jaguar Land Rover are passionate about our people and encourage equality and diversity across the automotive industry. We strongly believe that inclusivity is integral to the way we do business.  Various research studies in recent years have shown that gender inclusion in an organisation is good for business  Working to move your business beyond bias is critical to advancing workplace equality—and a more inclusive workforce is more innovative, better understands its customers, and outperforms the competition.  The road to greater diversity can start with anyone at any level, and will ultimately lead to a more inclusive environment with happier and more productive employees.  But what does this mean in reality to an organisation such as Jaguar Land Rover.   Robert states that recognising the importance of gender inclusion as part of a wider diversity strategy allows employees to be their ‘authentic-selves’ in the workplace – driving  a positive and inclusive culture. And studies ratify a positive culture delivers commercial success.

Jaguar Land Rover recognises how the purchasing power of women has become increasingly important in the UK car market. According to ‘Auto Alliance’ 85% of car buying decisions are influenced by women and women purchase 65% of all new cars. (Small Business).  To drive this change, Jaguar Land Rover are developing a suite of learning resources which seek to raise awareness of diversity issues and biases which may exist in the automotive industry.  Working with our people, Jaguar Land Rover have created a number of initiatives and employee-led networks and that seek to support and engage with our people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and interests.  For example, our ‘Furthering Futures’ programme tackles the attitude that engineering is a male-dominated industry by inspiring young people to explore the next generation of exciting career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).  As part of the programme, we held a career insight event this July, which was designed for talented female STEM A-level and undergraduate students who are interested in careers at Jaguar Land Rover.

Robert is particularly proud of the work at Jaguar Land Rover to fully engage wider communities – such as the recent Channel 4 ‘Show Your Edge’ Jaguar Campaign, sponsorship of Red Magazine’s ‘SMART WOMENS WEEK’ and on-going partnership with Attitude Magazine.  These initiatives are just the beginning of connecting our brands with wider society, our employees and establishing a diverse future for our organisation.