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Richard Gill profile


Drone Defence Services Ltd

When new products enter the market, so do their ‘opposites’. In the case of Drone Defence Services, Richard Gill has built a business which provides security against the actions of unmanned aerial vehicles (or drones).

Richard has developed proprietary technology to stop drones from flying where they shouldn’t. His SkyFence system is an award-winner and has already been deployed to Guernsey Prison to stop drones flying drugs to the inmates.

His portable Dynopis E1000MP system protects VIPs on the move and has been deployed on a number of occasions over the last year. Revenues are strong and the market opportunities are real as drone use increases. With the right support, Drone Defence Services is poised to do well in the future.


Drone Defence recognises that some people would wish to subvert drone technology for their own gain. It is their mission to protect people and organisations from the harmful use of commercial drone technology.


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