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Amy Golding profile


Opus Talent Solutions

After graduating from Cambridge University in 2008, (and a brief stint pretending to be a journalist in China), Amy joined the strategy team at Deloitte in the Tech and Media team. After five years of living the corporate dream, Amy left for the rather glamorous sounding opportunity of being James Caan’s Personal Business Advisor. One of her first projects was to work on the sale of six recruitment companies he owned, which they sold as a Group for almost £90 million.

Whilst working with James, Amy got to know the recruitment market very well, realising there was a lot of room for improvement in the industry and has been a (wo)man on a mission ever since.

Amy joined Opus because it was the only other recruitment company she had come across that she felt shared her vision of serving the world of work better by constantly innovating solutions to work-based problems

Opus Talent Solutions is a multiple award winning end-to-end talent consultancy and recruitment firm focused on technology and innovation. Amy joined the company in 2016 and was appointed as CEO in 2017. Prior to her position at Opus she graduated from Cambridge University in 2008. Amy was quickly headhunted for a role as Personal Business Advisor to ex Dragon’s Den investor James Caan, later launching Recruitment Entrepreneur, a Venture Capital where she secured a £5M investment.


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