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Adrian Sutton profile


Managing Director
Vortex IoT

Vortex IoT was incorporated in October 2017 with Adrian Sutton as the Managing Director.  The company has targeted and developed solutions specifically where ‘off the shelf solutions’ have either failed or don’t exist.  This gives the company competitive advantage not only to themselves but to their customers.  Within the first 9 months they have established a blend of revenue generating projects, R&D work and commercial partnerships with Tata Steel, Network Rail, BT, Swansea City Council, Swansea University and Hitachi Consulting.  As a business, this leaves them well placed to achieve 100% year on year growth targets for the next two years.


Vortex IoT has a clear focus on delivering ‘Internet of Things’ solutions into Heavy Industry, Smart Infrastructure and Rail Infrastructure sectors.  Vortex IoT has developed ground-breaking proprietary IPR in sensor design, cognitive mesh network and Artificial Intelligence.


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